1. How to Prevent Textured Hair Breakage
    There is no coming back from hair breakage. You can throw all of the products in the world at your hair, but you can’t unbreak your hair. The only thing you can do once that happens is to play the waiting game and revamp your hair care routine so it doesn’t happen again. Here are a few tips to help you prevent breakage on your curly, coily or textured hair.
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  2. 7 Things to Avoid When Choosing Shampoo for Curly or Coily Hair
    Mainstream products for curly, kinky, and coily hair haven’t been around for very long, which means the options are not only been slim but they’ve also been filled with a cast of ingredients that are nothing but villains to our delicate hair. So if you’re due for a shampoo refill, here are a few ingredients to watch out for.
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  3. 5 Reasons to Wear a Satin Bonnet to Bed Every Night
    Kinky and coily hair is going through a hair care renaissance right now and it’s long overdue. Giving our hair undivided attention isn’t just an act of self-care, it’s a necessity. If you’ve been noticing the increased presence of hair bonnets on social media that’s because it’s not some fashion statement or extra step. We all need to be wearing a hair bonnet to bed every night, and here are a few reasons why.
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  4. Deep Scalp Treatments You Should Be Trying Out this Month
    A healthy scalp means longer, more elastic, better moisturized, and better-defined hair. So here are some tips and deep scalp treatment ideas to keep your scalp in fine form for this harsh winter season.
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  5. How to Take Care of Your Curly Hair After the Big Chop
    Rocking the short hair look is hot, it’s healthy and you probably feel like a whole new, fabulous version of yourself. The next question is how are you going to keep your hair looking beautiful? What do you need to maintain your style? What special care is required to make sure you don’t start experiencing excess cuteness, split ends or slow growth? You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Here are a few tips to help you care for your curly or textured hair after the big chop.
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  6. 7 Ways to Care for Your Curly or Textured Hair
    Textured, curly, and coily hair has a completely unique set of care requirements, and while mainstream hair care brands are only just now starting to catch up, there are still plenty of options out there. However, using appropriate products is only the tip of the iceberg. If you’re not using the correct styling techniques, protecting your hair from harsh environmental changes, and keeping your body healthy, no product in the world is going to give you perfect hair. Here are 10 proven ways to care for your curly or textured hair.
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  7. What is a Protective Style & Why Should You Be Wearing One
    If you Google ‘protective styles’ you’re likely to find numerous definitions, all with a slight variation, but you only need to remember two things: (1) A protective style is a way to help lower the stress your hair goes through with environmental changes and it does so by keeping the ends of your hair protected from the elements. (2) An effective protective hairstyle should prevent your hair from being pulled, tugged or manipulated in a way that can  damage it
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  8. 7 Ways to Protect Your Curly Hair During Winter
    Winter is in full effect, and while there are plenty of things to love about the seasonal change like new boots, cozy knits and festive activities, the cooler weather can hinder our everyday hair care routine. Depending on where you are, drastic temperature changes can mean more frizz, less definition, and a whole lot of frustration. So save yourself the anguish and get ahead of disaster by trying these hot tips to keep your curly and kinky hair looking and feeling beautiful this winter.
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  9. Best Deep Conditioning Treatments for Natural Hair
    Whether you relax your hair on the regular or you wear it natural, every hair type, and texture needs a thorough deep conditioning treatment, especially during the harsh winter season. Before you start scanning the shelves or opening up a series of internet tabs in search of that perfect deep conditioning treatment, you need to know exactly what you’re working with! Are you coily, curly, kinky, all three? Loosely curled? Tighter? Is it thick and coarse, or soft? There is a deep conditioning treatment for curly hair that will support every kind of hair type under the sun. So do a bit of research first, and then, determine which one of these might work for you.
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  10. How Ayurvedic Herbs Can Help Grow Your Hair
    Hair care products have come a long way over the last hundred years. Unfortunately, the market has been flooded with products that are high in parabens, sulfates, unnatural fragrances and alcohols. None of these ingredients are good for textured hair. If you’re struggling with hair growth in particular, going back to ancient medicine and beauty methods may be exactly what you need to encourage that new growth.
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