How Ayurvedic Herbs Can Help Grow Your Hair

How Ayurvedic Herbs Can Help Grow Your Hair

Hair care products have come a long way over the last hundred years. Unfortunately, the market has been flooded with products that are high in parabens, sulfates, unnatural fragrances and alcohols. None of these ingredients are good for textured hair. If you’re struggling with hair growth in particular, going back to ancient medicine and beauty methods may be exactly what you need to encourage that new growth. Ayurveda, a natural system of healing hailing from India, has been in existence for the last 5,000 years. Ayurveda takes an interconnected approach to beauty and health, which is precisely what needs to be considered when you’re trying to stimulate hair growth.  Here are a few ways Ayurveda medicine can help grow your hair:


Healthy Hair Begins with the Scalp

When was the last time you had a rigorous but relaxing scalp massage? The 5 minute hair scrub you get when you’re at the salon getting your hair shampooed or conditioned does not count. Did you know that deep scalp massage can help your curly hair grow by stimulating and stretching your hair follicles? This deep massage can promote the dilation of blood vessels below the dermis, and promote not only hair growth, but hair thickening. A scalp massage 1-2 times per day with warmed coconut, almond or olive oil can also help relieve stress, headaches and help to lower blood pressure.

Ayurveda Can Help Thicken Your Hair

Thick hair is a sign of health and robustness. Ayurvedic medicine has a number of scientifically proven ingredients that help thicken curly, coily and textured hair. Ingredients like Bhringraj extract have been shown to increase hair follicle replication on the scalp by 50%. It has also been shown to re-grow hair more rapidly because it keeps your hair in the “re-growth” phase longer. Other ingredients found in Ayurvedic hair remedies include Hibiscus, Fenugreek, Brahmi and Amla. These have all been studied and shown success in extending the growth phase of hair.

Ayurveda Takes a Customized Approach to Hair Care

There are plenty of products on the shelf that claim to address various issues for different textures of hair. But they still take a generalized approach to promoting growth in curly, kinky and textured hair. Ayurveda is about personal energy, body and mind balance, and that means something different for everyone. Whether you struggle with oily hair, severe hair breakage, breakage at the root or at the ends, there is an ayurvedic mixture that’s both natural and suitable for your particular ailment.

Ayurveda Takes a Completely Natural Approach to Hair Growth

You don’t have to put your vulnerable hair through any sort of chemical  treatment to coax it into growing back. There are plenty of products that promise hair re-growth, but how many of those are natural and how many are manufactured? Ayurveda treatments are perfect for anyone who has sensitivities to unnatural products, has medical conditions that require them to live a more natural life, going through a pregnancy or any other state of being that makes them vulnerable.


Ayurveda Can be Applied in Different Ways

Ayurveda treatments can be incorporated into your beauty regimen in many different ways including orally and topically. The most efficient method to see benefits of Ayurveda is typically by oral consumption, through a daily supplement. However, that can become difficult to manage long-term and you should always consult a medical professional to ensure it will not impact your health. Alternatively, Ayurveda can be utilized topically in a couple of different ways.

One technique is to infuse your favorite ayurvedic herbs like Amla or Moringa into a nutrient-dense oil (jojoba, grapeseed) through direct sunlight or using the double-boiler method over indirect heat. The double boiler method is much faster but both methods result in an Ayurvedic oil. The second technique is to blend ayurvedic herbs into a paste with a moisturizing element like yogurt, coconut milk, or your favorite rinse-out conditioner. This Ayurvedic treatment can be used during your hair wash day. To maximize effectiveness, apply the treatment in conjunction with a heat cap to increase penetration of your hair strands. Check out the battery-powered GLO Heat Cap for ultimate convenience and efficiency. 

If you’ve been looking for an alternative to help stimulate hair growth in your kinky, coily, or curly hair, spend some time researching Ayurvedic hair care products. Go back to the basics, start eliminating harsh chemicals from your hair care routine and watch the results of your new lifestyle take shape in the form of beautiful, healthy curls.