How to Take Care of Your Curly Hair After the Big Chop

How to Take Care of Your Curly Hair After the Big Chop

Alright, so you took a deep breath and took a swan dive into the world of short hair - Well done! Rocking the short hair look is hot, it’s healthy and you probably feel like a whole new, fabulous version of yourself. The next question is how are you going to keep your hair looking beautiful? What do you need to maintain your style? What special care is required to make sure you don’t start experiencing excess cuteness, split ends or slow growth? You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Here are a few tips to help you care for your curly or textured hair after the big chop.

Hire a Stylist to Maintain Your Look

It’s all well and fine that you’ve taken the big leap, but do you know how to maintain it? If you love the stylist that gave you the initial chop, pre-schedule some appointments to ensure your shape is maintained, and your ends are being trimmed regularly. If you have plans on growing it out, it’s good to have an experienced stylist at the ready to help you avoid that awkward in-between stage. You should be able to grow into it. 

Trial Different Products

One of the benefits of having shorter hair is being able to use less product! But, it also means that you might be using different products, or that you may want to try out new ones. Be patient with your hair and scalp, they’re settling into this new state of being as well. You may find your scalp dries out quicker. Or, you may not need those weekly deep conditioning treatments. Give yourself time to see what products might work best.

Establish a Workable Routine 

Having a regular routine will help you save precious time every day. Having shorter hair doesn’t necessarily mean your maintenance time gets reduced. Your short hair routine might look something like this:

  • Shampoo with a sulfate, alcohol-free product every 1-2 weeks
  • Deep condition your scalp and hair every time you wash your hair. Watch out for flaking, dryness, or breakage near your roots. You may require regular conditioning treatment more frequently.
  • Daily and consistent moisturization is ESSENTIAL!
  • Get regular trims - Depending on how quickly your hair grows, schedule yourself in to see your stylist every season change.

Keep in mind that certain styles (twist outs, rod sets, etc.) may not stay defined as long because you’re sleeping directly on those all-important ends. Try out mini-pineapples to maintain your styles longer, or simply embrace that beautiful volume until you’re ready to style again!

Give Extra Love to Your Curl Pattern

The pattern and shape of your curls may change. With less weight, you find they have more spring to them. You might notice the stretch or elasticity of your curls may have changed. When your hair lacks elasticity, this is when breakage can occur. Wearing your hair in a protective style can help prevent this. Be patient and have some fun with your new hair.


Moisturize, Moisturize, MOISTURIZE!

I know it feels like we keep hammering this home, but it’s because we know it’s true. If you want to stimulate new hair growth, keep your style looking as fresh as the day you first got it, you need to make sure those ends are hydrated, your hair shaft is protected and your scalp has enough oils to help those follicles stay healthy. There are a number of quick and easy at-home recipes you could try out on your newly chopped hair. One favorite DIY mix is a blend of aloe vera juice, leave-in conditioner, and avocado oil blended up in a spritz bottle. A twice-daily application is more than enough to keep your hair hydrated.


A change as drastic as going for the big chop is exciting and can feel quite empowering. But before you do it, make sure you’re prepared for your hair to feel and react differently to products you’ve been using for years. Make sure you have a trusting relationship with your stylist. But above all, have patience, have fun, and enjoy your gorgeous new look.