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Best Deep Conditioning Treatments for Natural Hair

Whether you relax your hair on the regular or you wear it natural, every hair type, and texture needs a thorough deep conditioning treatment, especially during the harsh winter season. Before you start scanning the shelves or opening up a series of internet tabs in search of that perfect deep conditioning treatment, you need to know exactly what you’re working with! Are you coily, curly, kinky, all three? Loosely curled? Tighter? Is it thick and coarse, or soft? There is a deep conditioning treatment for curly hair that will support every kind of hair type under the sun. So do a bit of research first, and then, determine which one of these might work for you.


SheaMoisture Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Masque

A classic favorite for anyone with hair that acutely suffers from excessive dryness, tangling, and split ends. This would be ideal for both relaxed or natural hair. SheaMoisture deeply moisturizes, hydrates, and helps seal each of your strands so it maintains its moisture.


TGIN Honey Miracle Hair Mask

Starting to see a pattern? Honey is a vital component of deep conditioning treatments for curly hair because of its innate ability to fuse the individual hair strand and hold in any absorbed moisture. This particular hair mask is a favorite for those with natural hair, and less coarse. Using olive oil and jojoba, this mask will leave you with soft, shiny, bouncy curls.


Eden Bodyworks’ Almond Marshmallow Split End Repair Masque

Deep conditioners are wonderful, but only if they’re doing what they’re supposed to. This mask is specifically designed to strengthen hair’s elasticity while also protecting hair against future damage. This awesome deep conditioner is thick, slippery, and smoothes the hair shaft. It comes in a super-sized 16 oz container, plus it’s rich in Vitamins A, B, and E, making this treatment sure to delight.


Roseonna Natural’s Calendula & Aloe Deep Conditioner

Deep conditioners are wonderful, but only if they’re doing what they’re supposed to. For some, deep conditioning needs to restore moisture, for others, detangling tight kinks or curls is extremely important. Enjoy the goodness of Calendula and Aloe, all packed in one conditioner to get the hair of your dreams. It makes detangling easy, softens, adds shine to lifeless hair, and reduces frizz substantially. Get your hands on this one and get ready to be obsessed with your gorgeous mane!

Mielle Babassu Oil & Mint Deep Conditioner

But who doesn't love a deep conditioner with a little bit of protein? Because hair is primarily made up of the protein keratin, this organic hair conditioner can restore dry and damaged hair. The Amazon's palm fruit, babassu oil is extra moisturizing and can improve the health of your hair and scalp, which is why it's the main ingredient of this deep conditioner. The conditioner is also enriched with complex amino acids from wheat and soy to delivery the perfect balance of protein and moisture to your wash day.


Massage any of these luscious masks into your hair, pop on a plastic cap and use your GLO Heat Cap for thirty minutes to one hour to maximize penetration of all that goodness. Pop the cap off, rinse, and watch those curls and coils bounce back to life. 

How often you deep condition your curls is really dependent on your hair. If you have over-processed or relaxed hair, you may have to do it more often. Deep conditioning about once a week will be sufficient for most. And don’t forget to protect all of that moisturized hair with a satin bonnet every night, we recommend the Jumbo or Extra Long GLO Bonnet.