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All Natural GLO is a hair care accessories and tools company. Our mission is to solve problems in the natural hair care industry, by adding innovative products of value. We sell satin bonnets with adjustable ties to ensure they stay on ALL NIGHT. We also sell detangling brushes that flex with your crown, and satin scrunchies that won’t stretch out or break. The product we’re most proud of is our Patent Pending, Battery Powered Deep Conditioning Heat Cap that was featured in BYRDIE's Editor's Picks for October 2021. 

Our motto is Hair Care Engineered Better. This is because our founder, Danielle, was able to combine her engineering background with her passion for natural hair care in launching All Natural GLO. Plus, a portion of all profits goes towards the GLO Scholarship that will be awarded to students from ethnic minorities that are pursuing engineering and other related STEM fields.

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Danielle Thomas

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Hey there, I'm Danielle! I'm from Southern California, I work as a Civil Engineer, I'm the youngest of three, and in 2016, I big chopped all the way to about 2 inches. This was the start of a transformational journey for me. Growing up, I experimented with relaxers, weaves, and straightened my hair so much that it even started falling out. After my big chop and hours on YouTube University, I began learning about my natural hair, how to love my natural hair, and how to care for it. 

I launched All Natural GLO in 2020 and it has already grown so much more than I ever imagined. We say, Hair Care Engineered Better, because through All Natural GLO, I was able to combine my engineering background with my passion for natural hair care. 

Thank you for learning a little about me, don't forget to check out our philantrophic initiatives!

Ms. Danielle Thomas


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