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Deep Scalp Treatments You Should Be Trying Out this Month

We all want healthy, frizz-free, soft, and well-defined hair. We try to invest our time and money in products that bring out the best in our hair. But if well-nourished hair is what we’re after, we can’t get it without giving some serious care to our scalps.  A healthy scalp means longer, more elastic, better moisturized, and better-defined hair. So here are some tips and deep scalp treatment ideas to keep your scalp in fine form for this harsh winter season.

For Dry & Itchy Scalp - Hot Oil Treatment

You likely already know this, but you should not be washing your hair and scalp every day. Not only is it not necessary, but daily washing can strip your hair of its natural oils, make it look dull, increase the incidences of breakage at both the follicle and down the hair shaft, and frizz up your curl pattern. But worse, it can create a dry, itchy, and flaky scalp. On a wash week, try this routine to soothe your dry scalp: 

  1. Wash and condition your hair with sulfate-free, alcohol-free products. Remember not to gather your curls on your head, you can cause more tangles that way. Massage your scalp, work your way down the hair shaft, and then gently scrunch the ends. Rinse.

  2. Choose your favorite deep-penetrating oil (grapeseed oil, extra virgin coconut oil, or organic pressed jojoba oil). Fill a large bowl with warm water. Next, place your oil in a smaller bowl, and nest it in the larger bowl to warm it up. Never heat oil up in the microwave, you could scald yourself irreparably.

  3. Once the oil has warmed, massage it deeply into your scalp. Don’t forget your baby hairs at the front and back of your head. Next, place a plastic shower cap over your head. Make sure the elastic is tight enough to seal in the warmth. You can always apply indirect heat for extra penetration. Check out the GLO Heat Cap which provides battery-powered heat for ultimate freedom while caring for your hair. Set a timer for 15 minutes.

  4. Give your scalp and hair a gentle rinse in warm water and voila, your scalp will feel quenched, soothed, and healthy.

What is Scalp Exfoliation & Should I Be Doing It?

Before we dive into this topic, if you’re thinking about exfoliating your scalp, you may want to consult your healthcare professional first. If you have an exceptionally sensitive scalp or suffer from psoriasis or any other skin condition, scalp exfoliation may not be best for you.

Now, if you don’t suffer from any skin issues, scalp care can be a vital step of your hair care routine. A light exfoliation can lift those dead skin cells, clean away chemicals left behind on your treated hair, and stimulate your hair follicles. Sebum, the natural oily substance that helps to form the protective layer on our skin and scalp, keeps everything in check. But there can be an excess build-up of sebum if our scalp is unclean, causing skin conditions like dandruff. Regular exfoliation can prevent this from occurring.

Tips for Scalp Exfoliation

  • Use a natural scrub like a blend of apple cider vinegar, Himalayan salt, and coconut oil

  • Never use your nails to avoid scratches and irritations to the scalp. Instead, scrub gently in a circular motion using your fingertips to stimulate your hair follicles.

  • Don’t spend excessive amounts of $$ on pricey scrubs, a DIY treatment can be effective and nourishing

Hopefully, we’ve given your weekly hair care routine an extra boost this week. Deep scalp treatments can help your coils and curls look healthy and shiny throughout the winter season. And remember to throw on a satin bonnet before bed every night to maintain that moisture, and protect your hair from rubbing and breakage. If you’re on the market, consider the GLO Jumbo or Extra Long Bonnets with adjustable ties and two layers of satin.


Healthy, nourished locks rely on a fresh, cleansed scalp to stay looking soft and shiny. Just as the skin on the face needs a regular cleanse and exfoliation, the scalp mustn’t get overlooked. A gentle scalp exfoliation will wash away dirt, pollution, and dead skin cells whilst removing any excess product that’s built up in the hair. As we age, our hair follicles become weaker and our scalp becomes dehydrated, but a gentle exfoliation will combat this and buff away any dry patches, increase blood flow, and help hair growth.